Tuesday, May 14, 2013

too much of a really good thing!

Kindell, the Kindle, is a blessing and a curse.  I can now buy books with such ease!  Long gone are the days of pondering & justifying my book-purchasing-fetish.  Now, with one-click shopping @ Amazon.com, I get instant gratification.

What.  A.  JOY!

Except...  I'm probably a little out of control.  OK, not probably.  Am.  And not a little, but alot.  I am out of control.  I can't stop.  I already admitted, via the 161 project (which I bet, if I counted, it'd be more like the 200 project), that I have more books than I can possibly read.  So what do I do?  I buy more on the Kindle.  Hmmm...

I've discovered Kindle Freebie Websites, too.  There's Pixel of Ink, and I Love E Books, not to mention, Amazon itself contributing to my obsession.  They just make is soooo easy!

And even tho I need to stop, I need to envoke self-control, what do I do today?  I buy a trilogy.  That I don't have time to read!


Product Details   Product Details  Product Details

Somebody stop me.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Falling off the face of the earth & climbing back on again...

That is me.  I am re-emerging from a detour I didn't know I had taken.  It started earlier when a Facebook friend posted that his wife had written an e-book and I decided to buy it.  Not becauses I'm really interested, but because I'm really supportive that way.

Besides, it was only $1.99.

I had to register with Smashwords and that's when the fun began...  I had to go to my email to get the confirmation.  WHAT A SHOCK when I saw that I had 3160 unread messages!  So I scrolled down & saw that I had not checked messages since April 27.


Over an entire year ago.

What the hell happened?

I truly do not know.  I can tell you I've had good intentions.  I can assure you I've overloaded myself.  But, still.  53 weeks worth?  Really?


Well, the good news is I whittled it down to 85 messages in my inbox and I'm posting to my blog.  Not how I expected to spend my evening but apparently HOW I needed to.  And, I have new followers on Twitter and several friend requests on GoodReads (more neglected social media!).

All in all, all is well.

But, please, I ask of myself, don't let another 53 weeks go by before I do it again.