Kindell, the Kindle, & his brother Irving

These are the books I've downloaded to my Kindle as of 11/9/12:

10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online (MJ Wolfe)
101 of the Best Free Websites for Climbing Your Family Tree (Nancy Hendrickson)
2012 Calendar
21 Days of Eating Mindfully
25 Days of Better Thinking & Better Living
250 Things You Should Know about Writing
33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Genealogy & Family History
365 Days with You (Erica Stancia)
ABCs of Marketing: Marketing for Small Business, Startups & Non-Profits
Achieve Anything in Just One Year
Achieve Your Goals
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
All for One (Ryne Douglas Pearson)
Almost is the same as Never
CloudSearch DeveloperGuide
Are You up for the Challenge?
Around the World in 80 Days
As Always, Julia (Julia Child)
Assault with a Deadly Glue Gun (Lois Winston)
Attorney's Run
Benjamin Franklin
Bad Idea (Todd & Jeod Hafer)
Band on the Run
Beauty & the Beast
Between Seasons (Aida Brassington)
Black Woods (Laura Wright LaRoche)
Blood Country
A Book of Remarkable Criminals
The Busy Writer's One Hour: Character
The Butterfly Legacy
Buying Murder
Capitol Punishment (Ryne Douglas Pearson)
The Card (Jim DeWitt)
Celebrated Crimes
A Christmas Carol
Cold Kiss
The Coming & Going of Strangers
Craft Business Heroes
Credibility Marketing
Criminal Sociology
Dare to Die (Carolyn Hart)
The Dead Love Longer (Scott Nicholson)
Dead on Writing
Dead Pan (Gayle Trent)
A Dead Red Cadillac (RP Dahlke)
Dead Tease
Conscience Leadership
Diary of a Nympho: Special Delivery (Kelly Haven)
Drinking with Dead Women Writers
East of Eden BookRags Literature Summary Study Guide
Eating 4 Eternity
Entrepreneurship Lessons for Success
The Ex Who Wouldn't Die (Sally Berneathy)
The Fall of Billy Hitching
A Family Affair (Mary Campisi)
Christopher Smith collection
Fifty Shades of Grey (EL James)
Five Powerful Thoughts
Photoshop Elements 8, 9 & 10
Flight From...
Forty-Four (44)
Freshwater Road
Friend Request (Alex Ford)
Genealogy Research Guid
Get Organized!
Getting More Done
A Gift of Two Silver Pistols
Goldilocks Did, So Can You
The Grave Arts...
Graves End
Grimm's Fairy Stories
Halloween is for Lovers
Healthy Happy Strong
Help, I'm Being Bullied
Her Nowhere
A Hint of Murder
The Holy Bible
The Home Distiller's Workbook
Home Winemaking
A Horse Called September
Hostile Witness
The Rich Mama Plan
How to Build a Thriving Business as a Freelance Writer
How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body & Look Fabulous
How to Get Things Done
The Bikini Body Diet Plan
I'm Listening with a Broken Ear
In the Blood (Steve Robinson)
In Their Blood
Inspire Me to Get Writing
Key Lime Blues (Mike Jastrzebski)
Know What You Don't Know
Let Magic Happen
Lightning Fast Spanish
Mama Said (Lee Allen Howard)
Mass Murder (Lynn Bohart)
Mastering the Leadership Role in Project Management
The Mayflower & Her Log
Office 365
Midnight Paths (Joe Hart)
Mother's House Payment (Ronnie Schiller)
The Motivational Myth
Murder on the Rocks
Myths, Legends, Lore of Ireland
Never Buried
New Oxford American Dictionary
App Guide
Night Stalks the Mansion
Nobody (Creston Mapes)
The Ocean in Bits (Thea Atkinson)
On-Target Photo Training: Posing
Open Season (Archer Mayor)
Organizational Culture Change
Organize for a Fresh Start
The Pineville Heist (Lee Chambers)
Pink Slips & Parting Gifts
Pinpoint (Sheila Mary Taylor)
Pitcher Mom
The Plan of the Day (Paul Pollak)
Pride & Prejudice (Jane Austen)
Professional Plot Outline Mini Course
Promote your business or cause using social media
Red Green on Murder
Retirement for Murder (Phil Edwards)
The Return of Sherlock Holmes
River Ghosts
HTML Crash Course
The Romance of ...
The Rules of Management
Running for Beginners
The Scarlet Letter
(box set) Creative Spirit, Crime Beat...)
The Season  of Henry's Farm
The Secret of Life
Secrets of a Master Closer
The Selkie Spell
The Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping with Paris
Social Media & Public Relations
Social Media for Business
South of Bixby Bridge (Ryan Winfield)
The Spirit...
Star Fish (Nicola May)
Stealing Mercy
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Strategic Goal Planning
Stuck in the Middle (Virginia Smith)
Swim (Jennifer Weiner)
Tab Bennett & the InBetween
Taken (Debra Lee)
A Tale of Two Cities
little guy...
Teach Your Kids to Think
Thalo Blue (Jason McIntyre)
The Third Murderer
The Thirteenth...
This is Your Life, Not a Dress Rehearsal
Ties that Bind
The Titanic Plan (Michael Bockman)
A Touch of Ice
Treasure Island
The Truth of the Matter (downloaded for Cal)
The Turtle Boy
Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea
The Ultimate Running Guide
The Uninvited Guest
The Velveteen Rabbit
Wayfarer's Promise
Wearing the Spider
The Weight of Glass
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf shmoop/study guide
Whole Latte Love
A Winner's DNA
The Lollipop Clob
The Wishing Pen
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
The Works of Edgar Allan Poe
World War One
The Wreck of Titan
Write First, Clean Later
The Writer's Idea Book
Writing in the Fast Lane (Vicki Hinze)

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