Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Presumed Innocent

This is the book that started it all...  I saw the movie Presumed Innocent and was so intrigued I went out & bought the book the next day.  I absolutely thought it was the best book I had ever read (at the time) and fell in love with legal thrillers.  And not just legal thrillers, but the law in general. 

That was many, many years ago and I've, unfortunately, left Scott Turow behind - he is not forgotten, tho, and he is definitely fondly remembered.  I definitely plan to begin reading him again someday, and hopefully, soon (whenever will this crazy 161 Project be done???).  Until then, I'm catching up with Turow's Rusty Sabich, the main character in Presumed Innocent, via TNT's Mystery Movie Night with the premiere air play of Innocent


No Harrison Ford, no Raul Julia (RIP), no Bonnie Bedilia, but I'm enjoying it just the same.  I can tell - again - so much is missing, skipped over, pushed into the (less than) 2-hour time span.  Guess this means I'll be adding Innocent to my reading pile sooner rather than later.

***update***  I did NOT like this movie!  Hope the book is better.  :/

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Certain Prey, the movie & the book

Huge, huge, HUGE John Sandford fan here - fell in love with his writing back in 1989 when my roommate, a flight attendant, came home with "Rules of Prey" (she was an avid reader, too, and had picked it up on an airport layover).  I confiscated it, then devoured it and then anxiously awaited the next in the series (talk about torture).  I've been reading this series, in order, ever since which means I've been following Lucas Davenport for 22 years now and my passion has never waned.  He's the best, he's a beast.  Oh, and John Sandford, his creator, is pretty cool, too.  He is definitely my favorite author and Lucas Davenport is still, after all these years, my favorite character.

So how excited do you think I was to hear there was a movie based on "Certain Prey" (book #10 out of 21) airing on USA Network Sunday, November 6th?

Pretty darn excited.  I even wrote it on my calendar so I wouldn't forget.

And I didn't.

Gotta say, I was not disappointed.

So wonderful to see a story come to life, especially when it comes to life RIGHT.  What could I expect from a 2-hour-w/commercial-interruptions-included-made-for-TV-movie?  Not much, right?  WRONG.  Dead wrong because this movie was dead on.  Well, except...  I pictured my black Irish, tough, brooding Lucas Davenport looking like this...
(it was the early '90s, remember?  And I did think Alec Baldwin was dreamy back then...)

Instead, the movie gave me this: 

NOT bad!  NOT complaining, just thinking Mark Harmon is a bit old for the womanizing, sex-fiend Davenport of 1999 when Certain Prey was published (maybe, tho, as the current married, committed father Lucas has grown into he'd be PERFECT).  But, I have to admit, it did end up working for me.  And quite well...

My favorite character in the movie is Carmel Loan.  Except...  well, I pictured her looking like this:

Tough as nails Ellen Barkin in her younger days (am I showing my age????).  What I got was...

Lola Glaudini of Criminal Minds and, as Carmel, she kicked ASS!  By far the best acting of the entire movie.  She absolutely nailed it.  You go, Girl.

I could go on & on & on, but I won't. 

Well, wait...  there was one character I didn't care for (but I think I didn't care for her in the book, either) - Marcy!  Literature Marcy looks like this:

A young, sexy Sean Young.  BUT the movie Marcy looked like this:

And THAT didn't work for me, but it wasn't Athena Karkanis' fault.  She's lovely and she tried really, really hard (maybe too much?).  I really think she didn't work for me because I don't like Marcy in the books, her character kinda sorta irks me...  and in the movie, they made her, really, VERY annoying.  Ugh.

Sorry, Athena.

The rest - Clara, Sloan, Mason, etc. - they were fine.  And I loved the movie, I truly did.  It followed the book closely, which was nice, believe it or not.  (Some folks don't like that.  Have to say, I'm not necessarily one of them).  You know, I read this book so long ago BUT it was one of the Davenports that has stuck with me through the years.  I remember it almost vividly and as we were watching (my son & I), I would say, "well, in the book, this is what was about to happen" (NO, I am NOT "one of those" who spoils the ending!  He, being only 13, had alot of questions - and he likes to guess what's going to happen next & he would ask me so I'd tell him.  Honest.).  And, sure enough, that is what would happen next. 

I got a little nervous there at the end because I thought they weren't going to have that one little phone call - if you saw the movie or read the book you know what I'm talking about! - but they did have it & I am sooooo excited, cuz, I'm thinking that means another movie should be coming!!!  Yay-o-yay-o-YAY! 

Hope Mark Harmon is up for it.