Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have absolutely NO willpower...  My latest attempt @ self-discipline is to NOT read any "leisure" books.  I have a pile - well, more than 1 pile - of books to be read packed with info of things I think I want to know, to understand.  But when I have a choice between one of them and a novel, the novel ALWAYS wins.  Well, my motto this year is "not again in 2010" so I'm tasking myself to read some of those books that are collecting dust on my shelves (and in boxes and on the floor).  I'm also tasking myself to NOT buy any more books until I knock a few of these out.

Well...  I could not resist temptation today.  Walked into a Big Lots in search of St. Patty's day wares and dead center, couldn't miss it, were 3 tables piled with books!  2 for $5 or $3/each...  I was just going to look.  Not buy.  And in truth none of these books were titles I recognized, but I snatched up quite a few (7 to be exact, but only because one was on $1) anyway.

So these 7 will join the piles collecting dust in various locations around my house because even tho I couldn't exercise discipline in not buying these books, I am going to exercise discipline in not reading them until I knock out a few of those other "educational" books.

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