Monday, July 12, 2010


I finished it!  I finished it!  I finished - finally - "Reading Like a Writer"!  Yay, me.

After almost FIVE, yes 5!, months, I have finished this textbook.  It was not easy...  I gave up "leisure reading" for Lent and I have to say it is the only sacrifice I honored - shame on me.  Being a fast reader, typically, I just expected this to be another book to me.  But it was not...  it was a laborous lesson in discipline and thankfully it became a labor of love.

I'm not ready to summarize it yet - lots of data to download, lots of notes to review and scribble-scrabble to decipher.  I know as painstakingly as I prodded thru it, I missed so much because I either got frustrated, was interrupted, let my mind wander or pretty much just didn't "get it."  Lots of intellectual critiquing by the author zoomed over my head - even after she explained herself I sat there thinking, "WHAT?"  ~sigh~  A literary scholar I am so not.

So more to come at a later date, but for now, I just wanted to CELEBRATE this AMAZING accomplishment!

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