Friday, March 11, 2011

He Loves Me

scene from "He Loves Me," a Lifetime Movie starring Heather Locklear

I turned this movie on to keep me company while I worked...  it was immediately intriguing so I engaged the TiVo & went back to my task.  I did pretty good staying focused, considering...  see, I wasn't watching  exactly, but I started to keep up with what was going on, and pretty quickly became fascinated with the idea behind the story.

So last night I made the time to snuggle in & truly watch, beginning to end.  I love an unexpected twist - the moment of dawning when the puzzle starts to fit together to create the big picture, even tho a piece or 2 is still yet to be found.  This story gave me that, but sadly, the movie doesn't do the story justice - I feel like there is so much more lying beneath... I hade the feeling that the movie must be based on a bigger story, that this was the condensed version.  It so has the feel of a Mary Higgins Clark or Joy Fielding novel!  Excitedly, I searched for the bigger, deeper, more involved story, but, unfortunately, in vain.  There was nothing to be found.   

Darn!  I think it would be fascinating read.

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