Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Last Thing I Remember

(Note:  I have NOT read this book, but my son did & he is so excited he can't wait to read the rest of this series!  He begged-begged-begged me to take him to the book store to buy the 2nd book - you know I did it, too...  I am a HAPPY mom!  He wrote a 4 pg report, and here it is verbetim ... er, is that right? Is it verbetim if written???  ~sigh~ a contemplation for another day!)


The last thing Charlie West can remember is being a normal kid.  When life was going great for Charlie, it all changed.  He wakes up strapped to a chair, hurting all over, with blood on his shirt.  He over hears men ordering his death, wondering why anyone would want him to die and how he got here, he knew he had to escape.  He plots his escape and executes it perfectly.  Escaping from who seem to Charlie as terrorists, his adventure of getting back to the life he once had, begins.

He finds himself stealing a car, to escape the compound, and driving away.  Then, still being chased and shot at, he runs into the woods.  Charlie then finds himself in dark underground caves and tunnels, and sliding through some of the tightest spaces in pitch black, not knowing what lies ahead.  Once escaped from the darkness, Charlie is found by a young girl and her mother.  He assures her, he means no harm, and she offers to help him, but things aren't always what they seem.

Mrs. Simmons (the woman helping Charlie) takes Charlie home.  He attempts to call home, no answers, the number had been disconnected.  Confursed, Charlie told Mrs. Simmons, she then offered him food (which he gladey accepted) and was to call her husband, the assistant district attorney.  After the call, Charlie had finished his food and Mrs. Simmons (acting strange) ordered Charlie to shower and offered clean clothes.  Before showering , he saw a newspaper, read the title, and above it, it read the current date.  It was a year later than the last day he remembered.

Once finished with his shower, and dressed, he walked into the kitchen.  No one was to be seen, he called for Mrs. Simmons and no one answered.  Next thing he knew he was being handcuffed at gunpoint.  He kept saying they were wrong, that the men who captured him were the bad guys.  But no, he was being arrested for killing his best friend Alex Hauser.

Of course, Charlie didn't know what they were talking about.  He didn't remember any of this, and knows he would never do such a thing.  But, he did remember the last time he talked with Alex, they fough, well argued.  Witnesses and everything say that he was arguing with him, which was correct, but then the murder weapon had Charlie's fingerprints, and he had the motive.  He knew they were wrong, but no one would believe him.

Then, while he was in jail he heard that the homeland secretary was to meat the president.  He then remembered the men outside of the room with the chair and voices.  They said "we'll never get another shot at Yarrow (Yarrow is the homeland secretary).  Two more days, we can send Orton, he knows the bridge as well as West."  Then he knew the homelanders (the men who had him in the chair, at the compound) were going to kill the homeland secretary, Yarrow.  He tried to warn the police, but they wouldn't listen.

Then while being put in the police cruiser to the jail.  Soemone unloced his handcuffs and whispered "You're a better man than you know, find Waterman."  He knew he had to escape, and so he did.  He then found a woman named Jane who "knew" him.  She knew everything Charlie did and believed him.  She helped him get to the bridge to stop the the homelanders (terrorists) from killing Yarrow.

Once Charlie got to the bridge, there was an agent in the center and two officers on either side.  The agent killed the officers and went to the car next to him, it was Orton.  He opened the trunk, it was a bomb.  Yarrow was close and Charlie had to stop him.  He got to him and stopped him before Yarrow made it to the bridge, Orton still alive saidCharlie was also a homelander, in anger after he had ruined the plans.  The cops across the bridge (the one with Yarrow) had shot Orton in the stomach.  Charlie prayed and ran away into the forest.

This is one of my favorite books ever.  It had plenty of action, and twists.  I enjoyed every minute of the suspense.  I recommend it for anyone who likes twists in stories and action.  This book fit me perfect, and I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

So proud of my boy & so excited he has actually found something he's excited to read!

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