Saturday, August 10, 2013


How far would you go to be published???

Lucky me...  I stumbled up on this book in one of my "free download for Kindle" accounts - what a blessing!  This book hooked me quick and kept me intrigued.  Totally believable, albeit a bit gruesome (ugh!), I just fell right in and took my time crawling back out.  I loved the mystery of the crime story, loved that the main character is a bit of a buffoon - a sloppy, overweight, lazy numskull who is just counting down the days until he retires off the beat.  What I wasn't expecting, but really loved, was the way things began to work out for him.  Circumstances beyond his control put him in dire straits - and he accepted it and was bearing the weight.  But then, out of blue - and also out of his control, things start to turn around.

An added bonus was the insight into the publishing world & the tormented life of would-be writers.  That was the icing on the cake.

I think good writing gives you something to take with you after the story ends and this book did exactly that.  I'm considering it a teaching tool for me as I attempt to hone my skill.  I'm really impressed with how Matthews coordinated his plot lines, drafted his scenes and developed his characters - I want to do that!

So!  We had an intriguing mystery, great writing, well-thought out plot, believable characters, interesting sidebars going, good dialogue, descriptive scenery...   what more could I ask for?  

Dennis Lehane, you still have my undying devotion!  John Sandford, Lucas Davenport still has my heart!  But we might need to make some room for Thomas K. Matthews & his Lou Drake.  

Just sayin'.

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