Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ok, I'm stumbling thru this book...  I'm about half way and pulling my hair out.  Got so aggravated 2 nights ago I slapped it down & can't bear to pick it back up yet.  Ggggrrrr!  Here's my problem: too much NOTHING.  Too many frustrating circumstances, no answers, no leads, not exactly believable situations...  Such as, two hours with the investigator while Grandpops gathers chow but no dialog about the case?????????????????????????  Ex-girlfriend pops in and interrupts the evening, implies she's still the girlfriend in front of the other girl, who leaves abruptly, and NOBODY - not Dude or Grandpops - speaks up OR stops the other girl from leaving????????????????  How's this?  The cops show up & accuse Dude of killing his friend, ask where he's been all evening and instead of saying, "here, with my grandfather & a date,"in other words, a provable alibi, he gets beat up by the cops & thrown in jail AND STILL NOBODY SAYS ANYTHING?  We just go to the next day & wake up on a cot behind bars?  WTHeck???

James Patterson is an AMAZING person - have you ever read up on him?  Aside from being a world renown author, he is just a fascinating, sincere, business oriented, this-is-my-career-and-I'm-going-to-do-it-right guy.  Cranks out books by the dozens, covers a variety of genres, including children's, and has the heart of a teacher. Just truly remarkable!  So, I hate to criticize (because who am I to talk???  What the heck have I ever done???), but I am freakin' pulling my hair out here.  I did not enjoy "Sundays at Tiffany's" or "Sam's Letters to Jennifer," altho I did, did, did like "Kiss the Girls" (that is the book that started this loggin' bloggin'), so I'm thinking I don't like him as a romance writer and decide to return to the blood & guts suspense stuff.  But I gotta say, I'm, like, miffed right now!  WTHeck???

One of my reading goals is to read the Women's Murder Club series in sequence - gosh, I hope I don't get this frustrated when I start that!

And just to clarify, this is just a vent.  I'm not giving up on "The Beach House" yet.  This guy Patterson is no slouch and isn't acclaimed for nothing, so there has GOT to be something here... something that I'll get to (soon, please) and will cheer LOUDLY over in the end.  Stay tuned...

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