Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dragonfly (2002)

Eight years ago when this movie came out, I added it to my "to see" list.  I never got around to it - not in the theaters, not soon after when it was on cable.  But it has always stayed on the "to see" list, even tho the reviews were brutal.  I don't know - something about it just stuck with me.

I've said it before & I'll say it again:  Thank Heaven for TiVo!  I happened to have caught that it was playing sometime this afternoon while I'd be at work so I set the TiVo to record and snuggled in this evening to finally see this movie!

I have to say, I enjoyed it.  I found it wonderfully moving and meaningful.  Costner's Dr. Joe Darrow is lost without his wife and lost without faith...  did he lose faith when he lost his wife or, as a scientist, did he lack faith to begin with?  What is so amazing to me about this movie is Joe's journey to faith, through faith.  My favorite line is this one:  "it's belief that gets us there."

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