Friday, November 5, 2010

Sappy Movie Day...

It started this morning with "Life As A House"...  I did my typical "let's find something to watch while I work," but got involved despite my best attempts to ignore the TV.  Movie was really, really good - I cried entirely too much!  Damnbut Kevin Kline isn't appreciated enough and Kristen Scott Thomas has got to be the most beautiful woman ever.

Had such good intentions for my day - just 3 things with top billing:  put the Halloween decorations away (really away, as in packed up & in the basement, NOT just off their month of October perches), clean my car (ugh-ugh-ugh) and get thru this tremendously large triple stack pile of paperwork!  However, I got sidetracked for 3 hours helping a friend do her own blog (yay!) and before I knew it, it was 4p, the kid was home from school and I'm still in my jammies with my hair unwashed, bare naked face, feeling QUITE grungy and oh-so-glad I have no plans for going out into the world with nothing quite completely checked off the list when another movie comes on... "The Open Road." 

Not quite the tear-jerker as "Life As A House," but I got mushy & melancholy just the same.  Maybe it's just that kind of day?  And now for:  "Sunshine Cleaning."  Been wanting to watch this movie for awhile...  hoping I'll get more laughs than tears out of this one.  So far so good.  Just LMAO when one sister made the other one fall!  Ahahahahaha!

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