Sunday, February 13, 2011

omgosh, I did it...

I did it.  I did it.  It wasn't easy, but I did it.  I made myself a book-guts-fodder-vessel.

It started with the perfect vessel I found, at a perfect price... which I went ahead & bought, even tho I decided I was NOT going to do this, this "book fodder in a vessel decor thing."  But, my practical self said, if you buy it now - this perfect vessel - you'll have it when you do come across some tattered & torn & ready for the recycling bin books.  So I bought it.  And it looked quite nice on the library table, although a tad bit plain...

But it wasn't enough.  It only lasted a week.  And it was beckoning me.  And taunting me relentlessly everytime I wandered past.  And so, I began the painful & heartwrenching process...

I selected the perfectly fine books I was to maliciously destroy and ripped their covers off.  And gathered my materials.

Then I pulled them apart (this was NOT easy & required much strength!  WTH?).

I created quite a mess.

But... but, what a beauty, don't you think?   


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