Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Husband & Wife by Leah Stewart

Husband and Wife: A Novel

You know it's good when...
  • you finish it in five days, while on vacation with your family & every day is packed!
  • you have to force yourself to stop reading so you can eat.  Sleep.  Visit.  Be polite.
  • you think about it ALL. THE. TIME.
  • you want everyone to know you finished it so you post it on Twitter.
  • you sigh heavily when you realize you just read the last line.
  • you wish you had written it yourself.

 Can you tell I enjoyed this book?  What a great read!  Some of - well, alot of it - hit a little too close to home and I found myself in that bittersweet melancholy wistfulness of what might have been...

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