Friday, December 31, 2010

Epic FAIL!

Somehow I went on a mini book shopping splurge... dazed & confused as to how this happened.  Seriously, I guess I do know how that happened, but it was such a blur!!!  An out of control frenzy!!!  It all started when I went to drop off a donation at Goodwill, and I saw all the other people dropping off things at Goodwill and thought, "maybe, just maybe someone left a copy of Ford County that I need to complete my collection, or perhaps, by chance, there would be The Art of French Cooking, that I have no intention of really truly trying to prepare meals from I just want to check it out and consider such an option... and what could it hurt to check, just real quick???  I did have some time to kill..." 

And there you have it.  That's how I ended up with 8 titles of anything but those 2.  But in my defense, NONE of the 8 are novels (well, one is but it is based on an interpretation of a real life story and I didn't realize that until AFTER I got home so it doesn't count).  They are all titles (except the one) of things I want to learn more about and work on in 2011 so by that definition they were a necessity.

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