Monday, December 6, 2010

Well, THAT didn't last long!


Stopped by Books-A-Million for the December copy of "BookPage," and what greets me???  The Last Chance Library Carts!  My arms quickly became full, then I remembered...  the 161 Project pledge.  Oh, BUMMER!  So, I slowly, degrudgedly, put them back... one by one, until I had only 2 in my hand.  I did buy these 2, tho, because I decided (justified) they were not "leisure reading" books.  AND, neither fell into the categories I had established under my recent quest.  So.  WHEW.

As far as the recent quest, here is where things stand:
  • I wrote out every title of the 161 books onto strips of cardstock
  • I folded them in half & dropped them into the book box
  • Realized very quickly that the book box wasn't big enough so went in search of a bigger vessel
  • Found a bigger vessel & transferred the fold strips of paper
  • Half-way thru, realized the bigger vessel wasn't big enough
  • Had a lightbulb moment & unfolded the strips of paper
  • Aha!  They fit perfectly in the book box now
  • Closed said book box & put it on the nightstand - sooo much neater than a pile of books that had been there...

I did make a slight change...  the original plan was to have all 161 titles in the book box, then to draw out a title & make that my next read.  Well, as I was writing, I came across 3 titles that I set aside because I realized I want (need?) to read these titles sooner, rather than later (considering it just may take me 16 years to get thru them all).  So these 3 titles are my REQUIRED next reads:

I seriously want to live debt free so this is a MUST!  First on the "required reading list."

Promised a friend we'd do "The Artist's Way" together, starting in January, so there you go.
Frustrations at work abound!  Feeling kinda down because I haven't accomplished more... Recognizing my own mortality and pondering what legacy I'm leaving behind...  pretty standard stuff here at the end of one year & the beginning of the next, right?  Hope so!  What an epiphany to find this book on my bookshelf!  Remembering my motivation for buying it (the last time I was going thru this doom-&-gloom self-analysis, I'd bet), and not wanting it to get forgotten again, so here it is:  Priority Reading #3. 

Oh, look!  Another book with the same title & ALMOST the same concept.  I don't own this one, but I'm including it anyway because maybe I should???

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