Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hello, Darlin'!

WHAT do we have here???  Is that a Kindle?  Why, yes, YES it is!  I vowed I'd hold off on such a purchase until I was caught up with my reading (year 2016 was my best calculation...), and yet, here there is one... however can that be???

A gift!  Yes, a gift!  I promise I did NOT buy this myself.  A gift, a gift, a very generous gift for me, for me - I'm so very happy!!!  So happy I wrote a song.  Well, a chant.  A chant to Eddie Murphy's famous "You Ain't Got No Ice Cream":

I got a Kindle, I got a Kindle
I named it "Kindell"
But I can't use it
cuz I am on restriction
from buying any more books
until I read all the ones I already have,
that are on the shelves,
and the floor,
so my poor Kindell,
the Kindle,
will have to wait,
like forever,
but I don't care
cuz I got a Kindle, I got a Kindle,
yay, yay, yay

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